Our Story

We like all Whiskeys.  We like to talk about them.

Here we can share our stories, our experiences, our reviews. Find a new Whiskey to drink, tell you why you need to try one, or stay the hell away from one.  You can tell us too ya know, we never claim to know it all!

Whiskey is a sophisticated drink. A complex concoction of ingredients that creates one of the most beautiful liquids ever to flow on this round blue ball we all live on.

Whiskey brings folks together, like us here.

We plan on bringing some very cool content to our readers.  Whiskey is worldwide, and we plan on travelling there.  By travelling we mean going to as many liquor stores as possible to find as many different bottles as possible so we can travel the world from our bar.  We work 9-5 jobs people, who the hell can afford to travel like that???

We will open up to your opinions, unless we don't like them, then we will ignore you.  No that's wrong, we are sorry.  We always encourage debate and fun banter, as long as you are not mean.  Mean people are bad.

- The Whiskey Trekkers